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Interior French Drain Can Create and Odor and Mold Problems

  • Date: 03-2017
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Another Solution Should Have Been Considered for This Home with an Interior French Drain Installed in the Basement

Most people have these systems installed to correct foundation leaks. The idea is that water is collected in the pipes and gravel installed under the concrete floor. This often becomes a source of odor and mold in homes that we are called in to identify. For a complete article on how french drains work and why they can create more problems than the solve, go to:

The systems are usually installed at a cost of $4,000 or more. Then the mold needs corrected. The issue is that the EXTERIOR SURFACE water leaking into the basement is causing the water to leak into the foundation. The best solution is to correct the water leaking into the basement, and that starts OUTSIDE of the foundation.

Look at the slope of the concrete into the foundation. Replace the concrete before the mold is a problem so that the surface water us away from the house. Then the french drain, odor and mold identification and remediation are not problems.

Don’t be dismayed If you have the interior french drain and the mold and odor problem. We can correct that problem. I just wish we had spoken so that we could help you before you needed to fix the problem.