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It’s Not Just Looking for Mold. It’s Not Just Spraying a Little Pixie Dust.

  • Date: 03-2017
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There were leaks and a lot of mold in this church. As in many churches, there were members with medical challenges and concerns about the health of the members that could be effected by the mold.

Nobody had looked to see WHY the roof leaked before we went there.

The focus was on the fact that the walls and ceiling were wet and mold had found sanctuary growing in the church. We don’t want mold growing where it can make people ill.

The fact that the blocked downspout is causing the roof leak is very important. If we ignore why mold is growing, the universal plan will take over and we will have mold growing again after treatment. Anywhere on earth where there is food and water, something will grow. We ran an experiment in this building and that something in this instance is mold growing on walls and ceilings.

The bottom line is to insist that your mold professional take the time to identify the underlying cause of mold and suggest solutions. Testing for the amount and type of mold is important in that investigation. Proper and professional Interpreting of the results can help identify the origins, underlying conditions, hidden sources and extent of the mold.