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Name the First Compound Made When Fossil Fuel is Burned

  • Date: 03-2017
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The first chemical made when we burn any fossil fuel is good old, root of human life, critical to the existence of mankind water.

Fuels are hydrocarbons, meaning the combination of hydrogen and carbon (you will get some other chemicals added like Sulphur and Nitrogen, but it starts with hydrogen and carbon). The hydrogen gets the first available oxygen. That results in H2O, better known as water. That water is in the form of vapor which is why it looks like a cloud above chimneys.

Now, take a look at the very long flue off of the hot water tank in the pictures.

That long horizontal flue above the hot water tanks National Flue Code violation. It allows the water vapor to cool off. That water stays in the house and goes not go up the chimney. The additional water can be one of the moisture sources that supports mold in this basement.

The other issue is that the other combustion gases (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, etc) stay in the home, which is a health issue of its own.

The single wall pipe acts like a radiator and the gases cool down too much to leave the home. The possible solutions to the problem include moving the hot water tank close to the chimney, using an insulated vent pipe which does not lose as much heat, replacing the hot water tank with one that has an exhaust fan system in it, or changing to an electric hot water tank.

This kind of health risk issue is why you need more than someone who is doing an audit, or assessment or inspection on the home instead of just giving you a price to treat for mold.

By the way, the venting needs corrected to reduce the humidity in the basement which needs corrected to avoid the return of mold.