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Navigating the Tricky Waters of Mold Remediation Insurance Coverage

  • Date: 10-2016
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As mold remediators, we know this subject of mold insurance coverage inside and out as does the TV show 60 Minutes and many other consumer advocates. Mold contamination can be the trigger for a child having Asthma for life, or other serious health issues. When the natural disaster leaves you with no clothes or food, mold contamination often can’t be dealt with unless there is insurance coverage.

There is a little dirty secret. Many homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover mold unless it is? consequential to a covered loss? What that means is in the instance above where the shingles blowing off the roof caused water damage, and the covered roof leak resulted in mold growth, the mold remediation could be a covered loss. If the mold was the result of flooding that was not covered in the policy, the mold would not be covered.

If you have mold because you had a damp crawlspace and never realized that you needed to make that area dry, you are not covered in most instances. The reasoning is that the mold that is consequential to the failure to take proper care of a home by performing maintenance such as cleaning gutters and running a dehumidifier is the responsibility of the homeowner and NOT an event. That is not the case when mold is consequential (the result of) to an event such as a natural disaster.

An interesting twist is that the mold could be consequential to both losses. By paying attention to the wording in your insurance policy, you may be able to get coverage for a mold remediation if one of the causes is the insurance covered event. Wow! As we said, read your insurance policy as you are your best advocate in an insurance claim.