Why You Need A Professional To Remove Your Home’s Mold

Date: 08-2018

Whether or not you’ve ever had a serious outbreak in your home, chances are you have some experience with mold. Maybe you’ve had to replace a shower curtain, or your basement has taken on an unforgiving musty odor. Whatever your prior experience with mold might be, it’s important to be able to recognize when a […]

Case Study-Green Home Solutions Advice Saves Client Thousands of Dollars

Date: 08-2018

One of the great things about GHS is that we benefit and share the experience and knowledge from all our experts and technicians. A great solution used in one project can benefit many clients with similar challenges across the country. THE STORY One example of this helping clients is a mold file storage area of […]

Your Basement Has Flooded, What Next?

Date: 08-2018

Hearing that your basement has flooded can be some of the worst news a homeowner has to hear. Like any emergency, there are sometimes even lasting consequences. In the case of a flood, one of these consequences can also turn into a health hazard—mold. Hopefully you’re reading this less than 48 hours after the initial […]

Ways to Avoid a Stranger Giving You a Contagious Disease

Date: 08-2018

You have probably seen the pictures of crowds in Japan where there are some of the people are wearing respirator masks. The reason is not what most of us would guess. Americans tend to wear the masks to protect themselves from getting sick from other people if they have immune issues. In the Japanese culture. if […]

Spring Thawing, Mold’s Best Friend

Date: 04-2018

Spring can be a beautiful time when the snow and freezing rain of winter finally melts away and flowers and trees awake in full, colorful bloom. But it can also be a prime time for moisture build up in your home, especially in areas particularly susceptible to moisture, like attics and basements. And, as we […]