Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions

Removing Mold without Dangerous Chemicals

  • Date: 05-2017

Mold. It just might be one of the most misunderstood of all household annoyances. Misconceptions such as that mold only thrives in a dirty house are common, but another fallacy regarding mold can be downright dangerous: That harsh chemicals must be used to combat it. This is not only untrue, but it can even cause health problems for those who choose to use chemicals to battle mold in their homes.

Chemicals from household bleach to the products still used by some professional mold remediation companies will at best fail to get rid of the mold and at worst replace one problem with another. Most types of mold will only impact the health of people who are either allergic or particularly sensitive to mold. In many cases, those same people also have sensitivity to the harsh chemicals used by some companies. Even if the products do succeed in combatting the mold, the chemicals themselves can have health consequences.

To make the problem even more frustrating, the use of these chemicals isn’t always effective in mold remediation. Let’s look at bleach as an example. Bleach is commonly recommended as a safe, effective way to get rid of mold. The problem is that it’s neither safe nor is it always effective. Bleach is mostly water. The actual chemical evaporates pretty quickly leaving behind the one thing that helps mold flourish: water. Bleach is also only effective on hard surfaces, so it will do nothing at all to fight mold on wood or any other porous surface.

A Better Way to Kill Mold Fast

So what should you do when you see visible signs of mold, notice that telltale musty odor, or are dealing with mold-related health issues such as sinus infections, sore throats, or headaches? Call the company that offers safe, effective mold remediation: Green Home Solutions! Our EPA registered products are not only more affordable that those of our competitors, but they are safe for use around humans and pets, all natural, and GUARANTEED to kill mold fast. A few other ways our mold remediation is better:

  • Safe on all materials
  • Keeps working long after treatment is applies
  • Fine mist reaches beneath the surface
  • Helps prevent mold from growing again
  • Breaks down allergenic proteins found in mold spores

None of the above is true of the harsh, synthetic chemicals used by other mold remediation services.

So what type of treatment do you want used around your family? Harmful, ineffective chemicals or the plant based, natural, affordable, guaranteed solutions offered by Green Home Solutions? If you suspect you have a mold problem in your home, our technicians will come to your home or business and conduct testing to help us determine the extent of the problem and how best to proceed with getting rid of the mold once and for all!

You and your family deserve to breathe clean, healthy air. Don’t swap a mold problem for issues associated with the use of harsh chemicals. Call Green Home Solutions today for a safe, natural solution!