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Removing Mold Without Harmful Chemicals

  • Date: 08-2018

No homeowner wants to hear the words “You’ve got mold!”, but that’s a reality for countless people across the country every day. Whether you discovered mold growing in your basement or you suspect that there is an issue with the walls, vents, or crawl space of your property, there’s only one thing that comes to mind when the issue is identified—getting rid of it fast!

Around the country, there are plenty of companies that offer professional mold removal, and some homeowners even turn to DIY methods in order to save costs on the process. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself mold removal is not only dangerous, but also highly ineffective, and the majority of mold removal providers use toxic, harmful chemicals in the treatment process.

Having mold in your home already affects the quality of your indoor air and the health and safety of your family, so the last thing that you want to do is add another potential hazard to the mix with traditional chemical mold treatments! At Green Home Solutions, we believe there is a better way to get rid of mold once and for all—without long-term consequences on your home, health, and loved ones.+

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Why Should You Avoid Chemical Mold Remediation Products?

On the surface, it may sound like a smart idea to use heavy-duty chemicals on mold in your home. After all, many companies boast the effectiveness of their treatments (without filling you in on the potential hazards). However, most of the treatment products used by our competitors are designed for a short-term fix and come with a long list of drawbacks that make them a less-than-ideal choice.

Additionally, chemical mold removal products have the potential to:

  • Have Long-Term Effects: Chemical sprays and treatments can easily become trapped in your home, furniture, walls, and anything else within the interior of your household. This means that even long after treatment is completed, you can be left to deal with the toxic residue and damage that were left behind.
  • Cause Reactions and Illness: Mold can cause allergic reactions, upper respiratory issues, skin disorders, and more, but so can harsh chemicals! Many of the chemicals used in a standard mold treatment can exacerbate negative health effects or cause even more issues with chemical sensitivity and reaction.
  • Only Treat Surface Mold: Once you’ve hired someone to get rid of mold, you don’t want to ever have to deal with the problem again. Unfortunately, chemical mold treatments lack the innovative power needed to attack mold on a molecular level—leaving your home vulnerable to regrowth.
  • Reduce Indoor Air Quality: With chemicals being sprayed throughout your home, the indoor air quality of your household is greatly affected for days, weeks, or even months down the road! Not only does this expose your loved ones to unhealthy air, but it can lead to continuous, long-term consequences that require you to spend additional money on improving the air quality in your household.

When it comes down to it, the risks of chemical mold treatment far outweigh any benefits that traditional mold remediation companies may want you to believe—so what should you do when you want to get rid of mold without the chemical exposure?

That’s where the professionals at Green Home Solutions come in.

What’s the Difference of the Green Home Solutions Process?

At Green Home Solutions, we’ve built our reputation on delivering highly effective, comprehensive mold remediation services that eliminate the need for harsh, toxic chemicals in the home. Our trained and certified technicians are experienced in all aspects of the mold removal process—from the initial inspection and testing of your property to providing mold treatment, remediation, and preventative measures.

So, what makes our process so unique? It all comes down to our commitment to effective mold removal services, and our treatments are designed to be:

  • Eliminates Mold: Our ultra-fine spray mist treatments contain plant-based enzymes that are designed to break down mold at the source.
  • Quality Indoor Air: You’ll never have to worry about fabric, furniture, treasured belongings, or risks to your family with our treatment methods that are perfectly safe when used as directed.
  • Highly Effective: Not only does our spray mist reach down to all areas where mold could be hiding, but it comes with catalytic action that continues working long after treatment is complete—preventing regrowth and protecting your greatest investment.

When comparing mold remediation methods, it’s clear that getting rid of mold without having harsh chemicals sprayed throughout your home is by far the better choice, and Green Home Solutions is here to help you create a customized plan for fast, affordable, effective mold treatment. Ready to learn more about how we stand out from the competitors? Give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly technicians and get all of your questions answered!