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So What Makes a Mold Treatment Product Green?

  • Date: 10-2016
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We hear lots of things about being Green. Some are simple and straightforward and others difficult to know and even tougher to understand.

Complicating the issue, there are inaccurate claims by some business interests and then you have political spin generated to win elections. There are many ideas that are not as good as they seem, except when you hear the speech or read the sales brochure.

Then there is complicated stuff that makes you ponder. Windmills comes to mind as an example. Windmills do not require fossil fuel and have no carbon emissions. That part is good. Windmills kill lots of birds. It takes energy to process the metal to build the turbines, fuel to deliver the equipment and often a lot of trees need removed to gain access to the area of the wind farm. That part is not so good.

Remember Al Gore? He flies around in his big jet plane with an VERY big carbon footprint and that continued after he came up with the idea of selling carbon credits to restrict emissions from manufacturing.

Here is what you can count on about the “Green” in Green Home Solutions meaning.

We figured out that many of the commonly used mold treatment products are also unhealthy and even toxic for people.

We also found that enzymes that react with the cell walls are safe for people to be around.

Our proprietary enzyme based product is a safe and effective product that reacts with mold to clean your environment. Your family’s health and our employees safety are our highest priority.

We just thought you ought to know that we take your having healthy home seriously. It’s who we are and not an advertising gimmick.