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Solution When You Don’t Have a Floor Drain for a Dehumidifier

  • Date: 03-2017

Every so often I walk in and see that something that is done right that as an environmental professional you usually need to explain and in some instances maybe even beg people to do.

That done right is the case in this picture.

Most people will not jump out of bed in the morning and empty their dehumidifier and do the same again right before they go to bed a night. Might I go a little further and say, most people will not go to a dehumidifier and empty at any time most days.

To get past that barrier, we suggest that when a dehumidifier is placed, it should have the hose to a drain option hooked up. One end of the hose gets connected at the fitting at the dehumidifier and the other end to a floor drain. The floor drain needs to be located lower than the hose connection so that the water runs down the hose. (that old water runs down-hill thing)

So, when a basement needs a dehumidifier and there is not a floor drain to run the hose into, there is a problem. The unique solution here is that a condensate pump, commonly used to pump condensate from a furnace or air conditioner up hill to a laundry tray drain or some other proper drain is being used here to pup the water from the dehumidifier to the laundry tray.

What you are seeing in the picture is the top rack is holding the dehumidifier. The bottom rack has the pump. The pumps cost between $40.00 and $100.00Click Here for Home Depot Selection of Condensate Pumps

For an explanation how these work: