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Sorting Out the Right or Wrong? Things to Minimize Allergens in Your Home

You are just trying to keep your child from having an Asthma attack. You run around in circles because there is real confusion about the right and wrong things to do to minimize dust and allergens

Dust the furniture with Pledge? Is your carpet sweeper putting allergens in the air? Open the window or shut the window? Does cooking raise the humidity in the home? Is there a furnace filter that works better than others? Is the air purifier improving the air of stirring up more dust with its fan?

It is difficult for us to know the right things to do to reduce allergens for a number of reasons

Allergens are often too small for us to see with our eyes.

There is a natural delay in how people react to allergens making sorting out cause and effect difficult to figure out.

We do a lot of different things in a day often creating confusion as to which event caused which allergy or asthma attack problem.

There is a pile of contradictory and confusing information floating about the internet.

The answer to sorting out the best way to answer the allergen reduction questions is a continuous particle and humidity monitor like the Speck Monitor. Their website says it better than I can:

Fine particles are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye, but large enough to lodge deep into our lungs, get into our bloodstream, and cause illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia. Speck was developed to help you monitor the actions that take place at home, work, or school and empower you to make changes to improve your personal air quality!

They also have a well-done video on the their website ( ) that perfectly makes the argument that their monitor and its data collection, display and charting capabilities are well worth the $200.00 investment. By the way, the monitor can upload data and it can be stored on a personal data account at their website.

There are other brands of monitors available with similar features, The bottom line is that a home is a complicated place and how and what we do in that building is even more complicated.