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The Major Asthma Triggers That You Can Control in the Home

The first step in controlling Asthma triggers is accomplished by removing contents and materials that can harbor mold and other Asthma triggers. This needs carefully accomplished without spreading the allergens through the home like the white seeds on the dandelion plant. Treating the home with Green treatment methods and products is another important step. Our approach to this is to not only treat the home, but help our clients identify sources of allergens.

Though mold is one of the leading triggers for Asthma, we need to look at every trigger in the home to make it a healthy home. Other allergens include animal dander, dust mites, cockroaches and pollen.

This baby is peacefully sleeping on the beautiful carpet and is breathing in dust mites, dander, dirt and every other allergen brought across the floor on the shoes of every visitor and paws of every pet. YUCK!

Control irritants: These can include tobacco smoke, sprays, plug in air fresheners, fragrant candles, sprays, smog and other pollutants. These can be better controlled with use of sweepers with HEPA filters and not bagged sweepers. Install hard surface floors instead of carpet. Minimize dust.

Avoid Other Asthma Triggers: These include sulfites in food and beverages. These sulfite sources include alcohol, dried fruit, processed potatoes, sandwich meat and shrimp.

Cold air can be an Asthma trigger as well as some medicines such as cold medicines, aspirin, vitamins, and some other supplements. Pesticides to control the pests that are triggers can also be Asthma triggers. Other VOC’s can be triggers. Make sure to avoid those chemicals.

We ware experts in the subject of mold, allergens and environmental triggers. That is what we do every day. We want to do more than talk about mold and allergens. We want every child to have the best chance of having a healthy life. That is why you can trust us to provide Healthy Home information for you and your family. Please consider us a trusted friend and bookmark us.