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Tips to Create an “Allergen and Trigger Free” Zone for Respiratory Health

After testing and treatment for mold and allergens when needed, we should reduce all of the other environmental triggers in the home.

It is a daunting task to remove all of the triggers and allergens in all of a home (or a business, store, office or any building for that matter)

What can be more manageable is to create an area of low allergens in the home. Bedroom areas are ideal for this as this is a place where people spend a lot of time breathing deeply.

Here are a couple of tips to get that process started

  • Use a HEPA air filter in that area operating around the clock. We want all of the particles and allergens removed from that area. Do not use an air cleaner that also creates ozone as this can be a lung irritant
  • Install solid surface flooring, avoiding carpet and any porous surfaces that can hold dirt and allergens
  • Minimize room contents that hold dust and allergens. Book shelves, plush toys and knickknacks should be avoided
  • Dust with damp clothes and sweep floors with HEPA filter vacuum cleaners or damp mops to avoid putting dust and allergens into the air.
  • Vacuum fabric covered furniture with a HEPA vacuum
  • Reduce the VOC’s by avoiding most commercial cleaning products such as Mr. Clean, Lysol and air fresheners. Use simple cleaners such as soap, vinegar or baking soda
  • Do not use plug-in and other artificial odor fragrances and products. These contain VOCs and other allergens and respiratory irritants.
  • Do not use candles, particularly those with added fragrances
  • Avoid the use of pesticides, high VOC paints and adhesives
  • Check combustion appliances such as gas dryers, ranges, fireplaces and heating systems for proper venting
  • If you have a forced air furnace, use a high-quality filter system and regularly maintain that system.
  • Limit widow opening in time of high pollen counts and grass cutting activity
  • Regularly wash bed linens, window coverings, clothing and other materials that can hold dust and allergens

The bottom line is that respiratory health is an around the clock issue that deserves our attention. We need to take every precaution we can to reduce the exposures to ourselves and our loved ones.

We also need work with professionals that understand the important stake that their role plays in your health, and have the resources and skills to correct your problems.