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Understanding the Fear of Mold is the Key to Selling a Home with Mold

  • Date: 02-2017
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Mold problems can be a big expense and huge barrier to selling and buying a home. That barrier is both financial and emotional. It is fraught with opportunity for problems and anxiety fueled by appropriate fears.

The Seller’s Fears:

The seller may not trust the testing of the inspector. There is a legitimate fear that inspectors may not understand proper testing procedures or the actual meaning of the test results. There is also a chance that an inspector is creating a serious problem out of a minor issue to cover their back side. That can and does happen, especially when an inspector lacks proper training and is worried about being sued. There is also the concern that the buyer may be influencing or exaggerating the problem for leverage in negotiating price on a home purchase.

The Buyers Fears:

The buyer has a concern that a seller may not have a problem properly corrected to avoid the expense of doing needed remediation. We all understand that a remediation contractor with a low bid could shortcut the job. There is also the issue of finding a remediator that is skilled, and verifying that the work is done properly.

The Real Estate Professional?s Fears:

The Realtor does not want a house purchase to fall through. They are deeply concerned and do not want problems with the house that lead to unhappy, sick people or litigious buyers. They need a solution to the problem that keeps everything on track and is a fair solution both long and short term for all parties. Real Estate is a referral business.

Information, accurate, unbiased, plain language information is the solution to fear, WHATEVER the source of fear. That is what you deserve and should demand from the professionals you are working with to identify and if needed to resolve a mold contamination.