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We Have the ADA to Provide Safe Access. How About Some Looking at Ways to Keep A Healthy Environment?

What you are looking at is a fine spray from nozzles to keep the occupants of the cabana cool This does work to keep people cool. In fact, before air conditioning swap coolers were used in public buildings to keep them cool. These consisted of evaporating sprayed water do the cooling. These were often in areas like elevator shafts in those old-time stores and theaters.

Legionella has a 5% to 20% infection rate. It only affects people with diminished immune systems. It takes 10 to 14 days to incubate. If you were the unlucky person who could contract the disease TODAY, you would be long gone from the island and back home before you would get sick. You would have Pneumonia. The doctor would not probably know to culture the sputum to identify that Legionella was involved. You would not put two and two together and realize where the source of the exposure happened.

The same thing happens when people with diminished immune systems or chronic respiratory disease are exposed to mold contaminations. We often MISS THE CONNECTION between mold and other environmental exposures and poor health

Mold testing and (when needed) remediation can be the healthiest and most cost investment you ever make in your home and family. Health care AFTER exposure is very expensive and can last a lifetime.