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What is Hiding in Your Basement!?

  • Date: 08-2017

For many kids, going to the basement was part adventure and part terror. Who knew what kind of monster was lurking in the dark corners of the damp and rarely-visited space? As an adult, there should still be concern about what is hiding in the basement?only now the thing to fear isn’t a monster but mold.

If mold had a happy place, it would be a damp, humid environment, and that is why basements are a prime problem area for mold growth. The circumstances are ideal and, if the basement isn’t used regularly, the mold has plenty of time to grow unchecked. Not that it needs very long. In fact, some types of mold only need a day or two to set up shop and start spreading. Reasons mold thrives in basements include:


It’s common for basements to flood, and that sets the perfect stage for mold growth. Even if you get the water out quickly, once drywall or wood gets wet, there is good chance you’ll experience a mold infestation.


If your basement is unused or only for used for storage, you probably don’t run a dehumidifier. Mold loves all types of moisture, so it can flourish in a humid environment.

Poor air circulation

Without proper ventilation, the moisture in the air has no way to escape, so it helps create the type of setting where mold can thrive.

Building Materials

Mold-resistant drywall and other building materials have hit the market in recent years, but most basements still have regular drywall and wood throughout. Those are two of the materials that mold loves. Since both are very difficult to completely dry off quickly if it becomes wet or damp, they often become breeding grounds for all types of mold.

If your basement shows signs of mold, if you notice a musty smell, or if you’ve had flooding or notice damp areas or condensation, it’s time to call in the professionals. DIY methods of mold remediation don’t always work, and sometimes can even make the problem worse. Instead of trying to fix the problem on your own, let the professionals at Green Home Solutions take care of it using EPA registered products that are always safe when used as directed! Our fine mist spray reaches mold beneath surface, often eliminating the need for messy and expensive demolition.

Don’t let mold make your basement a scary place! Contact us at the first sign of mold, and we’ll vanquish it in as little as one day with our affordable mold solutions! Give Green Home Solutions a call today, or fill out our online contact form to request your mold inspection and air quality testing by our qualified inspectors.ÿ