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What Kind of Dehumidifier Should I Buy One That Will Not Burn Your House Down

There are a couple of ways for homeowners to reduce the moisture in their homes

The most obvious one is to reduce water leaks in the home. Moisture into foundation walls, permeating from floors, leaking from plumbing, condensing from cold areas, roof leaks, condensation from exhaust fans, unvented or poorly vented gas appliances and a bunch of other sources can be reduced.

Then there are the sources of moisture that can’t do much about preventing. That would be breathing, perspiring, showering and cooking. If you want to email me that you can stop the shower and cooking things, go ahead but don’t invite me over to check.

Then there is the way to talk about moisture and humidity reduction that we talk about almst every day. That would be dehumidification.

Now to the question that we get ASKED everyday when we give that as the easy solution to elevated moisture.


The caveat good meaning mold professionals all tend to forget in the answer is to: NOT BUY ONE THAT WILL CATCH YOUR HOME ON FIRE!!!

Many of the dehumidifiers that have been produced are fire hazards. Complicating the issue is that the manufacturers that are making these units will put different brand names on the identical, hazardous, fire safety dehumidifiers. Retailer A does not want you able to comparison shop Retailer B, C and D for the same product.

Check out the dehumidifier you are considering or own:

Gree Reannounces Dehumidifier Recall Following 450 Fires and $19 Million in Property Damage; Brand Names Include Frigidaire, Soleus Air, Kenmore and Others