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What The CDC Has in Common With Your Hair Growing

  • Date: 11-2016
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Click Here to Start the EPA Interactive House and Mold Review

OK, I was looking at a EPA webpage and had the thought: “Well sometimes we all need a review lesson.”

Most of us learned something about review lessons in school for a reason. Some learned that they helped get a better outcome if they did the review. Others learned that not taking advantage of the review lesson resulted in less than optimal test results. No judgement of you here no matter which side of that equation you were on.

Here is the real life example of the benefits of review lessons. If you are like me, you KNOW that the hair on our bodies grows. It is never fast enough to see that it is growing. Then oopps, one day, hours before an important event, you take a second look in the mirror and do a mental. I really need a haircut (notice: due to my respect for everyone, and fear of the comment section filling up with demands for a more PC approach. I am not mentioning that some of you also would need your hair colored.

The point here is that most of us know what creates mold conducive conditions. We know to avoid elevated moisture. However, in this instance, let’s take a look at the nice infographic and interactive guideline on the EPA website and click off in our heads whether we have any of the potential problems and hopefully deal with them before harsh weather.

Think of it as looking in the mirror the day before the important event that we want to look our best. If you need to correct any mold conducive problem, do it now! (or at least sooner than later)

Thank You EPA!

I hope you all pass the review test with flying colors.

BTW: If you skip the review give us a call. We understand the process and will help you get rid of the mold. As I mentioned, no judgement on our part if you skipped the mold conducive review.

What you will get from us is great judgement and professional treatment if you do need it.