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What’s All of This Environmental Health Talk Mean?

I hate hearing and reading a bunch of gibberish that either I don’t understand or doesn’t mean anything in my life. The way of the information world today is Infographics. Communication is now: Tell me what I need to know in few words and in addition to words, give me an image to imprint that message on my brain.

Or the quest is for the message I am viewing to entertain me,(Entertainment for the blog today is: Do you know who first coined the word Nerd, Answer : Dr. Seuss He Am Entertained

This old nerdy guy was a geek when we used something called typewriters. (computers without screens that instead of a delete button to erase mistakes, had a little jar of Whiteout (white paint with a tiny brush on a plastic stick like the ones in finger nail polish) sitting beside the typewriter for corrections.

The pic at the top of the post today is the first infographic that I put together as the blog. (yes, I have used and given credit to others for their graphics) I have been the Words part of the posts and needed someone else to be Graphics. (Many/most of the pictures you see in the blogs are site photos I have taken, so, maybe I can do the next step and create Infographics) Your comments are appreciated, but please don’t make me cry. (LOL)