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Why You Can Still Have Mold After Spending a Ton of $ on Interior French Drains, and How We Can Help

  • Date: 03-2017
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Interior French drains can be a very frustrating problem for many homeowners. The story starts with the homeowners spending a ton of money on putting in an interior French drain system and sump pump. Their intent is to get rid of the water leaking into the basement, the mold and the odor of mold.

Too often, despite spending thousands of dollars, the outcome is still high humidity, odor and mold in the basement.

Here is what happens. The system collects the water UNDER the concrete floor in the area where the soil and gravel are located. That soil is now wet most of the time. Mold and other things that have an odor can grow in the wet soil under the floor. There is an opening between the concrete floor and the foundation wall. The mold spores and odor are drawn into the breathing space of the house through that opening at the wall. The soil under the floor is now wet most of the time, if not all of the time. Mold may grow in this environment even better than in the original wet basement.

In addition to correcting the original mold issue which returns with the high moisture, we need to correct the now higher moisture from the interior french drain system.

We have seen this problem time after time and can solve the problems once we do a site visit and view how the system was set up. The important part is that: The Moisture, Mold and Odor Problems can be Fixed!

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