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Why You Need A Professional To Remove Your Home’s Mold

  • Date: 08-2018

Whether or not you’ve ever had a serious outbreak in your home, chances are you have some experience with mold. Maybe you’ve had to replace a shower curtain, or your basement has taken on an unforgiving musty odor. Whatever your prior experience with mold might be, it’s important to be able to recognize when a mold problem has gotten out of control—in other words, when it’s time to abandon the DIY approach and hire professionals.

What Can a Professional Do?

For minor infestations of mold, the cause might be something simple, like a one-time leak. However, homeowners often have to deal with situations where mold has truly established itself within the house—something that can occur anywhere from the basement to the bathroom. In cases where the mold is deeply set, you may need a professional to perform mold remediation. What, you may be wondering, exactly is mold remediation? And how is it any better than just spraying the affected area with bleach?

guys moving air filter

Besides the fact that you really shouldn’t be spraying bleach all over your house, professional mold remediators actually undertake a proven process designed to not only rid your home of its current mold but also prevent mold from reoccurring in the same spots. Professional remediation entails steps like mold containment, heavy-duty air filtration, and possibly even demolition and replacement of materials that have become too damp to dry out.

Ultimately, these tasks are best left to professionals. Trying to tackle it yourself might fail to solve the issue—but, even worse, failure to properly contain the mold and ventilate your space might even end up spreading mold spores through the rest of your home! When you’ve got a stubborn mold problem, don’t be just as stubborn about remediating it yourself—reach out to professionals.