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Would You Allow a Poisonous Snake to Bite You, Just Because You Have the Anti-Venom

Well, if you think about it, that may be precisely what you are doing when it comes to mold and allergens. Really, would you allow a poisonous snake to bite you just because you had the anti-venom?

As an example, when you take anti-histamines without removing the cause of your body producing the histamines, your body continues to try to convince you to stay away from the cause of your body’s reactions. You will then need to take more medication, and your body will continue to communicate to you to change the exposure. The best procedure is to try to discover the cause of the problem and correct it. instead of allowing the snake to bite you and then taking the anti-venom.

The type of mold treatment products are also an important to consider. Some chemicals in common use today are very toxic to people as well as the mold.

We believe in, and use only our enzyme treatment products which are safe for your family and pets. Your health and safety are important and we refuse to expose you to the toxic and unsafe chemicals used by many mold treatment companies.