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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

  • Date: 03-2017

Yeh…I really said it. …the old overworked saying: “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.” You probably telepathed back to me: “Why do I bother saying this since…..You already know that you do not know what you don’t know” 

things I know I don't know

          Environmental Issues are tough to get your hands around. We are very complex and unique individuals.

          We go places, eat things, touch things and are exposed to a literal organic swirling soup of microbes, germs, bacteria, viruses. We have everything from sewage facilities to manufacturers putting things into the air we breathe.

          You and I can be standing 3 feet apart from each other and one of us could get a whiff of a toxin and the other not. One of us could be sensitive to that toxin even if we are both exposed to it. Plane ride……oh my gosh…….maybe 150 people exhaling their sickness and circulating it to that little air nozzle right above your face!

        As a baby, some of us were exposed to the toxin “Bisphenol A” (BPA) when our mothers warmed plastic bottles of formula…..and that chemical could still affect our liver. Before you go off the deep end, I am not criticizing either of our mothers.

         On the other side, experienced professionals in environmental concerns and problems can help you work through the maze and find ways to reduce your exposure to some of the exposures that can damage health over our lifetimes. We work with medical providers and your exposures to help sort and then reduce the things you can control.

          So what am I saying? Call when you or your medical provider have concerns about environmental exposures. It is a complex world and we are trained, experienced and want to help.