Mold Inspection in Newton

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Newton

How can you tell if your home has mold? The fact is, mold isn’t always noticeable by sight or smell alone. It’s why Green Home Solutions always suggests a comprehensive mold inspection for homes in Newton. If you’re nervous about mold, a detailed investigation from experts can verify the presence of mold, investigate the source of mold, and map out the full extent of the issue.

One of the biggest reasons mold is a stress point for homeowners is because there’s often guesswork or uncertainty involved in treatment. Maybe you’ve been cleaning surface mold while mold flourishes below walls or floors. Maybe you’re not treating moisture sources, allowing mold to recur frequently.

Inspection from Green Home Solutions takes guesswork out of treatment completely. We make it easier to be proactive when it comes to mold problems. 

What To Look For: 3 Signs of Indoor Mold Growth 

When do you need a mold inspection? Your Green Home Solutions representative in Newton can give you advice on your specific situation, but here are a few signs mold may be present: 

A strong musty smell. Most of us know the sour smell of mold or mildew. If you’re noticing a musty, pungent, or wet odor, it can be a strong early sign of mold’s presence. It’s worth noting that not all mold emits a smell all the time. But if you detect an odor, it’s worth trying to narrow down the source for further investigation. 

Warped or discolored surfaces. Often, mold thrives so well because it grows in otherwise hard-to-detect areas. That may be in dark areas of the house, like an attic or basement, or it may be below surfaces. However, there are other signs to look for. Any discoloration or warped surfaces can indicate the presence of moisture and/or mold. 

Moisture buildup indoors. Wherever moisture accumulates, mold follows shortly afterwards. If parts of the bathroom are constantly soggy, or areas of the basement are frequently damp, it’s very possible mold is present as well. You may want to take a closer look for any visible growth. 

Schedule Mold Inspection From Newton Experts 

At Green Home Solutions, we help homeowners everywhere combat mold effectively. We offer highly thorough mold inspection and powerful remediation for homes throughout:

  • Newton
  • Boston
  • Somerville
  • Waltham
  • Brookline
  • Cambridge
  • Watertown
  • And in the surrounding area

It’s never been easier to fight mold. To get started with Green Home Solutions, you can schedule a mold inspection in Newton at (978) 728-3441.