Mold Remediation in Newton: What’s the Difference Between Mold and Mildew?

A man from Green Home Solutions providing mold remediation in Newton.

Given that they share some similar characteristics, it can be easy to mistake mold and mildew for each other. However, there are some important distinctions that separate these two types of fungi. At Green Home Solutions, we offer mold remediation in Newton, along with professional service to clean up mildew and protect your home. In order to help you understand these two common issues, let’s take a look at some of the key similarities and differences. 

Mold Versus Mildew: 4 Key Distinctions  

One significant similarity is that they both produce an unpleasant smell and thrive inside warm and damp areas of your home. This can make it difficult to spot the difference with the naked eye, but there are several ways in which they differ. Here are four important distinctions:

  • Appearance. While mildew is mostly gray or white, mold can take on many colors, such as green, black, or yellow. They also differ in texture, as mold is slimy and fuzzy compared to the powdery nature of mildew. 
  • Characteristics. Mildew grows flat and does not push below surfaces. Mold grows in all directions, with microscopic spores seeping into porous surfaces and creating major issues around your home.  
  • Health effects. While both can cause health concerns, the issues created by mildew tend to be more minor and short-term. Mold can cause serious long-term respiratory issues. 
  • Effort to clean. Mildew is much easier to clean. While you will still benefit from having professionals tend to the issue, it is possible to clean mildew with household products. On the other hand, mold is very difficult to remediate, and professional service is always required.

If you’re worried about these types of fungi growing inside your home, a representative from Green Home Solutions will be happy to provide advice about the right course of action. We will conduct a free quality consultation to figure out the severity and cause of any mold or mildew issues, and if needed, provide you with a customized plan for remediation. 

Find Out If You Need Mold Remediation in Newton

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