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About Mold Removal in Boston

  • Date: 08-2020

If you’re dealing with indoor mold, professional mold removal can help prevent growth from returning. For commercial and residential properties in Boston, Green Home Solutions provides lasting impact with our remediation services. We identify why mold has occurred and how far it’s spread, treating all growth extensively for fast and affordable treatment. 

Mold’s presence is typically a symptom of water intrusion or other moisture. Effective remediation requires identifying those water sources and mitigating them, so mold doesn’t have the ideal conditions to thrive. Green Home Solutions always seeks out those moisture sources before we even begin on treatment. We help homeowners and property managers alike to achieve long-term solutions to mold and other indoor air quality issues.

Mold Removal in Boston Within 2 to 5 Days

Green Home Solutions can typically promise mold removal within a timeframe of 2 to 5 days. That’s because we begin with inspection first. Our expert representatives in Boston work with detection equipment to get a detailed picture of where mold has spread and how. This data forms the basis of any subsequent remediation. 

It also means we can always walk you through what to expect with remediation, and advise you on moisture control. We truly appreciate how stressful mold can be to homeowners and property managers, especially if it’s a pervasive issue. With proactive treatment measures, we can help ensure mold stays away for good. 

With any remediation, we aim to limit the need for teardown. That way, we can help you save on costs while delivering rapid-response treatment. We employ more direct, tactical methods to access mold that’s difficult to reach. Our robust remediation spray can neutralize mold on and below surfaces as well as mold particles within the air. We even offer final inspection after treatment, for maximum peace of mind. 

Prioritizing Your Respiratory Health With Green Home Solutions

With Green Home Solutions, all products and treatment methods used for mold removal in Boston are completely eco-friendly. But they also take your respiratory health into consideration. That’s always been true, and it’s especially important as respiratory health becomes such an urgent concern for many people. We take this health-forward approach in: 

By minimizing the need for demolition, we can minimize the irritants and contaminants that enter your indoors. Our products are designed to improve your overall indoor air quality, for a healthier home or office. 

Get mold removal in Boston that delivers lasting results. To learn more about our options for treatment, call (978) 728-3441 to speak to a Green Home Solutions representative.