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How Mold Removal in Boulder Can Improve Overall Health

  • Date: 12-2019

At Green Home Solutions, one core aspect of our mold removal services is our focus on overall health and wellness. It’s why we’re able to treat hospitals, office buildings, and industrial facilities in addition to houses in Boulder. We appreciate that mold can cause plenty of negative health consequences for those who spend time within a building affected by mold, and we always deliver fast-acting treatment that takes this into account. 

Before we even begin the treatment process, our representatives will start with an air quality consultation. This gives us the opportunity to discuss where mold has already appeared and any other signs of mold, including health-related issues. From beginning to end, your health is always taken into consideration when we provide our affordable and effective services. 

How and Why Mold Can Affect Our Health

Since mold can affect different people in different ways, there’s a wide range of answers as to why mold impacts our health. For those with respiratory conditions, individual mold spores have tiny allergenic proteins which can trigger an allergic response or respiratory concern. 

Because mold spores are so small, they can travel and spread through the air. This makes it easy to breathe in mold or otherwise interact with fungi or mildew without realizing it. Indoors, mold often flourishes in damp, humid, or dusty areas. These environmental conditions can also precipitate health problems. 

Our representatives in Boulder always examine these comprehensive factors when we administer our mold removal services. That way, we can make sure we’re thinking about your health and well-being when we treat your home. 

Mold Removal in Boulder With A Health-Conscious Approach 

At Green Home Solutions, we use environmentally-conscious, EPA-registered products as well as treatment methods that follow OSHA, AORN, and IIRC protocols. You can look forward to a health-focused approach with our mold removal services in Boulder. You can also expect the following:

family friendly mold removal in Boulder
  • Spray products that are effective against mold. The proprietary treatment sprays we utilize attack mold upon contact. But we never work with products that release harmful chemicals or toxic contaminants into your home. 
  • Treating mold at its source. As we remediate mold, we can also help correct indoor environmental conditions that have led to its growth. 
  • A final inspection. We suggest getting a final inspection completed post-treatment so that we can verify that the mold in the air has been thoroughly treated. 

Affordable, family-friendly, and health-friendly mold removal is available from Green Home Solutions today. Call (303) 870-0119 to schedule treatment in the Boulder area.