Mold Inspection in Boulder: Your Mold Questions Answered

Because of its ability to seemingly pop up out of nowhere and survive for a long time, mold can be one of the trickiest household issues to deal with on your own. To help you better understand this common issue, we’ll go through some of the most common questions our team gets about mold below. If mold has already appeared in your home, the first step towards getting rid of it is an in-depth mold inspection from our team in Boulder, CO.

Common Mold Inspection Questions Answered

Mold raises a long list of questions among local homeowners. Here are some of the most frequently asked:

Professional for Mold Inspection in Boulder: Your Mold Questions Answered

Is indoor mold a big deal?

While there are more pressing issues that can pop up in your home, mold does require immediate attention. One of the reasons why mold can be an issue is that it can quickly spread through your home, causing structural damage along the way. If left unaddressed, the repair costs can add up and take a heavy toll on your wallet. Mold can also come with health risks, making keeping it at bay an important part of maintaining safe indoor spaces.

What is mold?

The patches and unsightly spots you may think of as mold are actually entire colonies of individual, multi-cellular fungus strands. These strands, or “hyphae,” develop in moist areas and rapidly spread, only becoming visible once their colonies are already thriving and developed.

How can I tell if mold is in my home?

Mold can be identified by a few of its telltale characteristics. One of the easiest ways to spot mold is by the discoloration it leaves on the surfaces of your home. Mold can also be identified by its musty smell, which is often described as smelling like wet earth or mildew. The best way to spot mold, however, is with an in-depth inspection from our team at Green Home Solutions.

Our Professional Mold Inspection in Boulder

With our professional mold inspections, we help our neighbors track down mold in their homes. To keep mold from popping up again in the future, we’ll also find the source of the mold and help you develop an effective prevention plan. We offer our mold inspection and remediation treatments to our neighbors in these areas:

  • Boulder
  • Longmont
  • Broomfield
  • Thornton
  • Louisville
  • And in the surrounding communities

To get started with our mold inspection in Boulder, contact Green Home Solutions at (303) 870-0119 today!