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Mold Remediation in Longmont

  • Date: 06-2020

When you schedule mold remediation services in Longmont, you want mold gone for good. Green Home Solutions can help you achieve a mold-free indoors, with precise, high-powered, and affordable treatments for mold, viruses, and bacteria. We draw on diligent testing methods, high-impact remediation products, and the expert know-how of our representatives to get the job done successfully.

Nothing is more frustrating than treating mold, only to have it to return. There’s a reason that happens. When mold is a pervasive problem, it’s because there are underlying concerns that need to be dealt with. Cutting off the water supply for mold can minimize the risk of mold’s return. With Green Home Solutions, effective treatment always means investigating for water sources and other environmental conditions that may be causing mold to grow.  

We don’t just treat mold and mold growth alone. We also correct and improve upon indoor environments, to make sure that your home is a healthier place to spend time in every day. 

Our Approach To Mold Remediation in Longmont

Mold inspection is one of the earliest steps with any mold remediation we provide. You can expect an inspection from your Green Home Solutions representative in Longmont, working with robust detection equipment and other methods for discovering mold and moisture. This early measure gives you a clear sense of mold’s full spread, as well as any moisture sources it may be consuming. 

We use this data to build out moisture control plans and responsive remediation strategies. Halting any further mold spread is crucial, which is why we utilize our own containment equipment to keep affected areas as fully isolated as possible. With our tactical, tailored approach to treatment, we can complete remediation in under a week for most homes. 

Prioritizing Your Family’s Health and Wellbeing 

Nothing is more important than your family’s health. At Green Home Solutions, we offer mold remediation and disinfection services for local homes, residential properties, and commercial buildings in: 

We know that it’s never been more urgent to look after your health and the conditions of your home. In addition to mold abatement, we offer multiple levels of extensive disinfection, including hospital-strength disinfection that eradicates the vast majority of pathogenic organisms. We always make your health our top priority. 

If you’re based in or around Longmont, we have mold remediation services that can help. Just get in touch with the Green Home Solutions team by contacting (303) 870-0119