About Mold Remediation in Putnam County

  • Date: 05-2020

Looking for mold remediation in Putnam County? At Green Home Solutions, we’re known for the speed, affordability, and effectiveness of our expertly administered treatments. We address mold in all types of buildings, using diligent methods to contain, remediate, and prevent growth. We make it easy to get immediate remediation with trusted results. 

Treating mold doesn’t just mean addressing surface growth. With remediation from Green Home Solutions, we break down mold particles living in the air, too. With rigorous equipment, tried and tested treatment methods, and our own highly potent treatment spray, we take exacting measures to ensure that mold is dealt with completely. 

Fast-Acting Mold Remediation in Putnam County 

Mold remediation from Green Home Solutions can be completed as quickly as within 48 hours or more. Your representative will develop remediation strategies that are carefully honed to your building and its specific mold issues. It means we can implement treatment that’s both fast and targeted.

We also isolate any areas which have been affected by mold, since microscopic mold spores can otherwise easily escape and travel deeper into nearby rooms. Your Green Home Solutions representative may use negative air machines, HEPA-filtered vacuums, and air scrubbers to reduce the risk of any further cross-contamination. 

We mitigate the need for extensive renovation or teardown within your building. But we never skimp on the thoroughness of any treatment in or around Putnam County. Instead, we use our high-powered treatment spray as well as tactical methods of treating difficult-to-reach growth wherever it’s possible.

That way, we can save you costs in the short-term while achieving long-term impact against mold and mildew. You can see the results for yourself. We offer referrals for independent inspection services, so you can get conclusive, clear proof that your treatment has worked. 

Green Home Solutions Makes Your Health A Top Priority 

At Green Home Solutions, we keenly appreciate the toll that mold can take on health. The proprietary sprays we use to treat mold are ones that can break down the harmful allergenic proteins within mold and mold spores, limiting any further negative effects of mold growth. Your health is always a crucial priority for us. 

We offer comprehensive mold remediation throughout the area, including: 

With Green Home Solutions, mold remediation is affordable and proactive, with proven results. Call (914) 393-3192 to speak to one of our experts in Putnam County today.