professional performing attic mold removal in Carmel

Attic Mold Removal in Carmel: Is It Really Needed? 

  • Date: 09-2021

Is it really so important to get professional attic mold removal in Carmel? The short answer is yes. At Green Home Solutions, we know it’s tempting to ignore attic mold issues. After all, you’re rarely in this space, so you’re less likely to be dealing with the health concerns typically associated with mold. But there are other reasons to worry about mold, especially in the attic.

Let’s review a few reasons why you should address attic mold as quickly as possible. 

3 Reasons It’s Important To Deal With Attic Mold 

Your attic is one of the more vulnerable parts of the house. Because of its proximity to the roof, it’s more likely to deal with water intrusion, making mold especially prevalent in attics. And because few homeowners monitor their attics for mold on a regular basis, ongoing mold issues can cause further problems: 

  • It can chew through surfaces. Like most living organisms, mold has a tenacious will to survive. It does so by colonizing surfaces, subsurfaces, and even thriving in the air you breathe. When mold is in your attic, it has the potential to consume organic surfaces and even to push through non-organic surfaces which are porous. Worse still, once it’s below the surface, it can wreak havoc on subsurfaces.
  • It can spread into living areas. For most houses in Carmel, if mold is localized to the attic, it’s less you’re breathing in mold spores on a regular basis. However, once mold is present within an indoor environment, it can continue to grow. That means it can encroach downward into your living areas, where it’s much more likely to present a risk to overall health and air quality. 
  • It can increase your costs. Being proactive about mold removal can reduce your costs significantly. Without treatment, it’s more likely the damage caused by mold will be more expensive in the long run. Unchecked mold often results in the need for teardown and renovation, not just of surfaces but of structural elements, too. Taking charge with professional treatment can mitigate this impact. 

Take Action With Attic Mold Removal in Carmel 

If you’re worried about attic mold, Green Home Solutions is here to help. In addition to attic mold removal, our experts can offer recommendations for overall mold control and prevention. We offer consultations in: 

  • Carmel
  • Brewster
  • Mahopac
  • Putnam Valley
  • Pawling
  • Putnam County
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Take action with high-impact attic mold removal from your experts at Green Home Solutions. Homeowners in Carmel can call (914) 393-3192 for more information.