Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Putnam County

Mold Remediation in Putnam Valley 

  • Date: 03-2020

At Green Home Solutions in Putnam Valley, we treat mold quickly and thoroughly, removing the high costs and stress from the mold remediation process. Our expert representatives take an exacting approach to isolating and addressing any present mold growth, so that you don’t have to worry about it coming back. 

Mold growth can be particularly frustrating for homeowners and building managers because of how swiftly it appears and spreads. Without professional equipment, it’s far too easy to treat surface growth without treating all mold and mold spores.

Professional remediation from Green Home Solutions relies on rigorous tactics, high-powered equipment, and aggressive treatment sprays, breaking down any mold we find molecule by molecule. Treatment can take just two days or more, so you can enjoy a healthier indoors without the worry of mold.  

Your Expert Mold Remediation in Putnam Valley 

family friendly mold remediation in Putnam Valley

Mold remediation services from Green Home Solutions is ideal for buildings of all types in Putnam Valley. From hospitals to offices to houses, we never compromise on the expert methods we utilize and the efficacy of treatment. Our representatives are well-versed in standards and guidelines from OSHA, the EPA, the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, AORN, and more. Treatments always follow these guidelines as needed. 

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll receive treatments that treat mold, mold spores, and fungi while also improving the air you breathe. We know that indoor air quality can have a tremendous effect on health and well-being.

That’s one of the reasons we never use harsh chemical ingredients or abrasive masking agents. Instead, we get to the source of mold with eco-friendly sprays that clean and restore indoor air. 

Our proprietary treatment sprays are synthesized from plant-based enzymes. They don’t just attack active mold colonies on surfaces or live mold spores in the air. They also break down dead mold spores, which can cause health concerns. These scientifically tested sprays are fully loaded with impact and even continue to work after they’re first applied, for maximum effect.  

Choosing Our Trusted Indoor Air Quality Services at Green Home Solutions

When you have mold problems, time is of the essence. Green Home Solutions has rapid-response mold remediation services everywhere in the area. Wherever you are, we can travel to you to deal with mold right away, such as: 

Setting up mold remediation services in Putnam Valley is easy. To get started, call Green Home Solutions at (914) 393-3192, and we can begin with an indoor air quality consultation that’s completely free for you.