Mold Removal in Putnam County: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Professional for Mold Removal in Putnam County: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Dealing with mold can be difficult for any homeowner, especially if you’ve been dealing with recurring mold problems. Mold can be incredibly difficult to find, treat, and prevent on your own. It’s why we at Green Home Solutions always recommend professional mold removal in Putnam County. 

Let’s look at a few ways that DIY treatment can actually contribute to mold. 

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

At Green Home Solutions, we know many homeowners dread the cost, time, and disruption involved in mold remediation. Our treatments are affordable and rapid-response, so you can have your home back in order in no time. 

Unfortunately, many DIY treatments are likely to result in further costs and stress down the line. That’s because there are plenty of prevailing myths and misnomers about mold treatment. Let’s look at a few common mistakes: 

  • Treating mold with bleach. A prevailing myth is that bleach is a one-size-fits-all solution to addressing mold problems. In reality, bleach is rarely recommended when treating mold. That’s especially true when you’re dealing with porous indoor surfaces like drywall, carpeting, paint, or wood, where bleach will have difficulty getting to mold roots. 
  • Painting over mold growth. Mold-resistant paints are not intended as a mold removal product, but some people use it for this purpose. When it comes to treating mold, these products will only conceal the presence of mold. Over time, they’ll peel off. Mold issues must be dealt with before any paint can be applied on your surfaces. 
  • Only addressing surface mold. When mold appears on the surface, it’s often a sign of other issues, including hidden moisture problem or mold below the surface. It’s never enough to scrub or remove visible mold on the surface. If mold is growing underneath, this must be dealt with for effective mold control. 
  • Not using containment methods. For homes in Putnam County, it’s crucial to use containment methods during mold remediation. During the cleanup process, it’s likely mold spores will get in the air, on your hands, and even on cleaning equipment. These spores can travel and spread if not properly contained, allowing mold to continue thriving.

Schedule Expert Mold Removal in Putnam County 

With Green Home Solutions, you can schedule mold removal right away. We offer treatments in: 

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Get long-lasting, high-impact mold removal in Putnam County. If you have any questions about treatment, just call Green Home Solutions at (914) 393-3192 for answers.