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Choosing Mold Removal in Carmel

  • Date: 03-2021

Treating mold doesn’t have to be costly, complicated, or uncertain. At Green Home Solutions, we take comprehensive steps to control and remediate indoor mold right away. Our mold removal services in Carmel, NY are fast-acting and proactive, offering long-lasting relief from mold and related issues. 

We know the effects that mold can have on your health. We make your health a priority while rapidly and thoroughly treating mold growth inside your home. While the products we use are high-powered and lab-tested, they also contain no harsh or high-toxicity chemical ingredients. We’re committed to delivering powerful results that leave you with a healthier home you can breathe easier in.  

A Comprehensive Approach to Mold Removal

At Green Home Solutions, we offer rigorous mold removal, expertly delivered. Our team only relies on remediation protocols that are consistent with EPA standards and other crucial guidelines. We use expert treatment methods to contain and remove mold while improving your indoors: 

  • We reduce mold’s impact. Mold can grow very quickly, which is why it’s so important to contain its effects right away. From the start, Green Home Solutions can implement containment procedures to limit any further spread of mold. In taking these measures, we can also mitigate further damage on surfaces and on your health.  
  • We improve indoor air. When we clean up mold, we don’t just remove any growth below or on indoor surfaces. We also treat airborne mold. Our products are designed to target and clean out mold particles in your air, for incredibly thorough results. It also means cleaner, healthier, and more breathable air for your home. 
  • We minimize disruption. We reduce the disruption caused by remediation. We do this by using demolition only as a final resort. Instead, we’ll use more precise, rapid-response strategies to clean mold wherever possible to help limit the dust kicked up by treatment. We can also treat within just a few days. 

Effective Mold Removal Services in Carmel, NY

When you’re worried about mold and related issues, we can help. Our services are available in:

  • Carmel
  • Brewster
  • Pawling
  • Putnam County
  • Mahopac
  • Putnam Valley
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Learn more about the mold removal services we offer in Carmel by calling us today at (914) 393-3192.