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Odor Removal Services in Ann Arbor

  • Date: 08-2015

Even if you keep the cleanest home on the block, unpleasant odors can still linger in your home. The odors could be caused by smoke, mildew, pets, or any number of things. No matter the cause, our Ann Arbor odor removal specialists will locate and eliminate the issue and restore your home’s air quality. Green Home Solutions provides air quality testing, Ann Arbor odor inspection, and other services. We’ve helped thousands of home owners breathe easier with our affordable solutions.

Ann Arbor Odor Removal

We are the experts for odor elimination in Ann Arbor. Our comprehensive services include everything necessary to identify and get rid of odors fast including:

  • Air quality testing to detect airborne impurities in your home
  • Ann Arbor odor inspections will help us locate the source of the unpleasant odor
  • Effective odor removal products that don’t include the use of harsh chemicals
  • Instead of masking odors, our product actually changes the molecules of nitrogen, sulfur, and other elements to eliminate the source of the odors.
  • Our odor elimination products are made using plant based ingredients and are an environmentally preferred solution.

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