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Brighton Mold Inspection

  • Date: 08-2015

With all of its associated health and structural problems, not to mention the impact on your home’ aesthetic, mold is a problem that deserves serious and immediate attention. For thorough, professional mold inspection performed by a certified team of specialists, there’s no better choice than Green Home Solutions. By focusing on responsible services and earth-friendly products, we guarantee effective Brighton mold inspection and removal that’ll make your home a healthier, more comfortable place to live.

Brighton Mold Inspection

Even the best mold remediation strategy won’t work if it doesn’t target the right areas of your home. That’s why Green Home Solutions offers meticulous mold inspections from certified technicians. Our in-home consultations are designed to ensure that we properly identify the source of your mold, not just the visible manifestations. Through a close discussion with you, a visual observation of your home, and air quality and mold testing as necessary, we’ll determine the severity of the problem and offer a customized mold remediation solution.

Choosing Green Home Solutions means working with a team that’s equipped not only to inspect your home for mold, but also to fight it immediately with scientifically proven products. Learn why our organic mold removal products are the best choice for your Brighton home:

  • An ultra-fine mist spray, our EPA registered mold removal product is harmless to people, pets, furniture, and electronics.
  • The non-toxic spray works enzymatically to break mold down at the molecular level, making it impossible for the mold to release harmful spores.
  • Because we don’t have to tear out any walls or destroy your home in any way, the entire process is quick, usually taking just a matter of hours.
  • Even though it’s organic, our solution is more affordable than many harsh synthetic options available.

For reliable mold services from a team that puts your well-being first, give Green Home Solutions a call today. Our friendly representatives would be happy to tell you more about our organic mold removal products and schedule your free Brighton mold inspection. To get started right away, go ahead and complete our online form now!