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How Mold Removal in Brighton Creates a Healthier Space

  • Date: 12-2019

When professional mold removal occurs on your property, it can be an enormous relief. Whether you’ve been dealing with the unpleasant sight of mold or you’ve been worried about it chewing through surface materials, remediation in Brighton can quickly put a stop to these concerns. But just as important as these considerations is how mold can affect your health. 

At Green Home Solutions, we treat properties throughout the Brighton area. We know how much of a difference mold removal can make, particularly treatment that’s both affordable and highly effective. But we also recognize how important it is to factor in your health before, during, and after any remediation occurs.   

How a Healthy Indoor Area and Mold Removal Are Interconnected

family friendly mold removal in Brighton

The unpleasant effects that mold can have on health very much depend on the person, the type of mold, and plenty of other components. But the fact remains that mold is well-documented to have an overall impact on health and wellness, whether a person is extremely healthy or whether they already have existing health concerns. 

Mold can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, lungs, throat, and nose. It can also increase the chances of headaches or fatigue. For those with asthma or related respiratory conditions, it can trigger specific health issues. 

But mold doesn’t exist completely on its own. When it appears, it’s because it has enough oxygen, water, and organic surface material to live. These damp conditions may be difficult to spot without professional intervention, but can cause other health issues as well. It’s why our mold removal in Brighton always takes a health-forward approach. 

3 Ways That Our Services in Brighton Make An Impact

Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways that Green Home Solutions considers your health: 

  • We prioritize prevention. We understand that without addressing the underlying moisture which has allowed mold to thrive, it’s easy for mold to come back. We can help you make sure a healthy indoor environment is restored.
  • We minimize renovation. We know that renovation and demolition can be difficult for individuals who already have respiratory problems. Our representatives reduce the need for renovation as much as possible. 
  • We use plant-based sprays. The treatment sprays we rely on are highly robust without ever introducing high-toxicity contaminants into the air. Instead, they use plant-based enzymes to aggressively target mold. 

Learn more about the fast, affordable, and health-conscious mold removal services that define Green Home Solutions. Call (810) 772-4640 to speak to a representative in Brighton.