Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Southeast Michigan

Our Mold Remediation in Highland

  • Date: 03-2020

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always get mold remediation that’s based on scientifically rigorous, data-backed, and proven treatment methods. Because of that, we’re able to offer treatments at a fraction of the price and time of conventional remediation in Highland, MI.

With our services, you can always be confident that you’re getting comprehensive treatment with minimal stress and maximum impact. 

Because mold can be a health concern, we don’t just focus on treating living and active mold growth on surfaces. Our treatments also target living and dead mold spores in the air, so we can improve overall air quality and breathability within all your living areas.

Getting Mold Remediation in Highland That Lasts

family friendly mold remediation in Highland

Mold inspection from Green Home Solutions forms the basis of any treatment we offer. This first stage of our mold remediation process offers a full picture of how far mold has infiltrated specific indoor areas so we can craft an immediate and precise plan for treatment. 

With strategies in place to treat hidden mold as well as mold in the air, we’re able to curtail the need for any renovation. In the long haul, this can save you from significant cost and stress without ever compromising on the effectiveness and lasting impact of treatment. 

Peace of mind always matters when it comes to mold in your home. After we’ve finished remediation, we can refer you to third-party inspectors so you can get independent verification of your treatment’s success. We can also implement a final inspection on our end, allowing you to see the results up close. 

Your Experts in Clean, Healthy Indoor Air 

At Green Home Solutions, we make sure to take a long-term approach to mold concerns, with the overall goal of achieving a healthy, mold-free indoors with cleaner air. Our mold remediation services are always designed to discover and correct underlying moisture issues that may be introducing contaminants into your home. 

We only ever use EPA-certified treatment sprays that are completely eco-friendly. These sprays are fully loaded with impact against mold spores, mold colonies, bacteria, fungi, and harmful microbes. They break down mold in the air and on surfaces at a molecular level, attacking the proteins that can trigger asthma and other concerns for a truly healthy home.  

Get mold remediation that prioritizes impact and clean air quality in Highland, Hartland, Brighton, and nearby areas. Get started by scheduling a free consultation today at (810) 772-4640