How Does Mold Spread in the House?

Date: 02-2019

Mold is a form of fungi that sprouts from microscopic spores that are everywhere in our environment. These spores are inactive, however, they will propagate once the humidity surpasses 70 percent. Temperature that is more than 65 degrees increases the chance of mold growth. Once the cluster of mold spores spread on surfaces, they begin […]

When to Say Yes To Mold Remediation Projects

Date: 02-2019

When there is a water leak, flooding, excess moisture, and rain seeping, mold is usually soon to follow. Why Mold Is a Problem That Shouldn’t Be Ignored Mold has thousands of different species but generally, there are five types of mold found in the homes – Alternaria, Penicillium, Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Stachybotrys Chartarum or commonly known as black […]

How To Welcome the New Year with a Mold-Free Home

Date: 01-2019

Everyone wants to start off fresh for the new year. People have their own resolutions to accomplish their personal goals. But the fact is, they only set improvements for themselves; forgetting the place where they are nurtured, filled with values, and feel comfortable – their “home”. If you are one of the many Massachusetts homes […]

Fast & Precise Worcester Mold Testing

Date: 08-2015

Mold. An issue no homeowner wants to deal with when it comes to their house. If you believe you have a mold problem, getting a detailed and accurate picture of your mold issue is critical to effectively eliminating your problem. When a comprehensive Worcester mold test is conducted, you get a complete picture of the […]

Worcester Mold Removal Services

Date: 08-2015

Even the smallest amount of leaking water can lead to the spread of mold throughout your Worcester home. If you believe there may be a mold issue in your home, addressing the problem quickly and appropriately can prevent a whole-house infestation. The experts at Green Home Solutions provide fast, eco-friendly Worcester mold removal. Green Home […]

Natural Odor Elimination

Date: 08-2015

Mystery smells can plague even the cleanest of Worcester homes. If you home suffers from an odor that you just can’t seem to identify or get rid of, trust the professionals at Green Home Solutions to eliminate the odor quickly and effectively. Green Home Solutions offers natural mold and odor removal products that are safe […]

Worcester Mold and Odor Removal

Date: 08-2015

Did you know even the tiniest amount of mold can produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances? All of these are hazardous to one’s health and can lead to throat irritation, coughing, and even trouble breathing. If you suspect your home may have a mold issue or odor you can’t seem to identify, contact the […]

Mold Removal Services in Auburn

Date: 08-2015

Do you suspect a mold problem in your home or business? The mold removal services of Green Home Solutions are designed to combat even the worst cases of mold using natural, minimally invasive methods. Unlike traditional mold removal, our team utilizes only the strongest organic mold removal products in the industry to keep your home […]

Odor Removal Services in Auburn

Date: 08-2015

Green Home Solutions is dedicated to providing healthy remediation solutions for homes experiencing signs of toxic, unhealthy air. The first indication of an indoor air problem is typically odor, and it can unfortunately be the hardest to get rid of on your own. Our Auburn odor removal services are targeted to the worst odor problem, […]

Mold Testing in Auburn

Date: 08-2015

Mold can be one of the most dangerous unseen pollutants in your home, resulting in a whole host of structural property damage, unsightly smells and stains, and even symptoms like fatigue, poor memory, and joint pain. Our Auburn mold testing experts don’t take the health of your home and family lightly, which is why we […]