Category: Mold Removal

Your Affordable Mold Removal in Blacksburg

Date: 03-2021

It shouldn’t have to be costly or time-intensive to get rid of mold. At Green Home Solutions, we offer responsive, affordable mold removal services throughout Blacksburg and New River Valley. We use expert treatment procedures, powerful equipment, and extra-strength products to remediate and prevent mold.  Persistent mold issues occur when mold isn’t treated at its […]

Rapid-Response Mold Removal in New River Valley

Date: 10-2020

When you’re looking for mold removal services in New River Valley, you’re looking for mold remediation that’s done right. At Green Home Solutions, we offer rapid-response remediation that isolates, treats, and prevents indoor mold. For homeowners and property managers in the area, we offer lasting mold control, helping you achieve a healthy, mold-free indoors.  We […]