Category: Allergies

February is Care About Your Air Month

Date: 02-2020

Let’s face it; we rarely think about the air in our homes unless we are controlling the temperature. But, allergens like pet dander, odors from smoking and our pets, and even mold growing in your home can make the air in your home hazardous. Poor indoor air quality can lead to health issues including headaches, […]

Keep That Holiday Feeling: Breathe Easier!

Date: 12-2018

Christmas Brings Joy and Allergens: Make Your Air Better We don’t want to be Grinchy about it… but the truth is, there are some real draw backs with both real and artificial Christmas trees when it comes to healthy indoor air environment. There is a lot of info and misinformation out there about both options. […]

Healthy Home Tips in the Category of Simple Things I Never Thought of

Date: 04-2017

Ladies Home Journal pointed out that when we flush the commode, the moving water sends a bacteria filled mist into the air. This mist can have mold, germs, bacteria and when you inhale the mist you can become infected with whatever the organic things that are living in your toilet tank. The mist from flushing […]

Sorting Out the Right or Wrong? Things to Minimize Allergens in Your Home

Date: 04-2017

You are just trying to keep your child from having an Asthma attack. You run around in circles because there is real confusion about the right and wrong things to do to minimize dust and allergens Dust the furniture with Pledge? Is your carpet sweeper putting allergens in the air? Open the window or shut […]

A Top 10 Question: What Air Purifier Should I Buy?

Date: 03-2017

We could also title this: Why not to use the iconic Sharper Image Ionic Breeze? Not only is what air purifier a top 10 question, it is often a topic of discussion brought up by environmental consultants, particularly when we get to a property that has an ozone producing air cleaner such as the Ionic […]

What an Early Cherry Blossom Time Means to You Especially if You Have Allergies

Date: 03-2017

Today we are in peak Cherry Blossom season, one of the earliest dates EVER. Due to the mild winter, the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival Activities were moved from the original scheduled dates to earlier this year. The official Cheery Blossom Festival statement ( ) Every spring, nearly 1,700 Cherry Blossom trees lining Washington […]