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Your Basement Has Flooded, What Next?

Date: 08-2018

Hearing that your basement has flooded can be some of the worst news a homeowner has to hear. Like any emergency, there are sometimes even lasting consequences. In the case of a flood, one of these consequences can also turn into a health hazard—mold. Hopefully you’re reading this less than 48 hours after the initial […]

What is Hiding in Your Basement!?

Date: 08-2017

For many kids, going to the basement was part adventure and part terror. Who knew what kind of monster was lurking in the dark corners of the damp and rarely-visited space? As an adult, there should still be concern about what is hiding in the basement?only now the thing to fear isn’t a monster but […]

Crawlspace Encapsulation as a Critical Part of Correcting a Wet Crawlspace

Date: 04-2017

A Crawlspace Liner is a critical part of solving the issues we have in this and many homes. Audit or Assessment of the conditions in the crawlspace is essential for successful and lasting results. PHOTO IS OF A DIRTY NASTY SMELLY CRAWLSPACE BEFORE LINER The first step is identifying the underlying causes of odor and […]

Eliminate Moisture and Prevent Mold With GHS Crawl Space Encapsulation

Date: 08-2015

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Charlottesville Everyone knows that mold thrives in moist environments, but fewer Charlottesville homeowners realize where all that moisture comes from. In fact, two major sources of household moisture are below your feet: your basement and your crawl space. Moisture from an unsealed crawl space can create a breeding ground for microbial […]

A Permanent Solution to Basement and Crawl Space Moisture

Date: 08-2015

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Richmond Although crawl spaces are handy for repairs, they’re also one of the biggest sources of moisture and humidity in Richmond homes. If you’re living above an unsealed crawl space, you’re letting water vapor and unclean outdoor air into your home every day. Instead of waiting for the inevitable growth of […]