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Ways to Avoid a Stranger Giving You a Contagious Disease

Date: 08-2018

You have probably seen the pictures of crowds in Japan where there are some of the people are wearing respirator masks. The reason is not what most of us would guess. Americans tend to wear the masks to protect themselves from getting sick from other people if they have immune issues. In the Japanese culture. if […]

Keeping Your Family Safe

Date: 06-2017

Protecting the health and wellbeing of your children is something that all parents are concerned with, and dangers can be located anywhere?even in the safety of your family’s residence. Indoor air quality is an important factor for the health of anyone, especially young children, and mold growth in your home can lead to a number […]

Moldy Health Problems!

Date: 04-2017

People’s sensitivity to mold, like most health impacts, exists on a spectrum. Some people simply seem to not be affected by the presence of mold in their home, while others notice severe and immediate symptoms. Such reactions are similar to seasonal allergies in their outward presentations; however, even those who don’t notice any symptoms are […]