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How to Deal With Mold in Your Rental Property

Date: 08-2018

Mold is a nightmare for any property owner. This is especially true if you’re a landlord and you, or worse yet, one of your tenants discovers mold! What should you do when this happens? Green Home Solutions has some practical and useful advice for solving your mold problem quickly, completely, and affordably! Just follow these […]

How Mold Can Affect Property Value

Date: 08-2018

A home purchase can hit many snags, but few issues risk applying the kiss of death to a property deal more than a newly discovered mold infestation. Finding mold embedded in your foundation shouldn’t be the same as other worst-case scenarios for home sellers, like say, the floor caving in during a buyer walkthrough, but you would […]

Buying a Home with Mold Present

Date: 10-2017

As you start to look at new homes, it’s easy to get swept away in the excitement and neglect some of the more practical decisions. However, any home with mold, no matter how bad it is or isn’t, should be considered carefully. In fact, there are at least four things you should weigh when you […]

Green Home Solutions Makes TestAll an Integral Part of Earning Client, Realtor, Buyer and Seller Trust

Date: 02-2017

The TestAll System Takes Every Step of The Path to Getting Past Mold Problems Some of the nation’s most respected mold professionals have faced the questions, issues, inconsistencies, uncertainties and well-founded fears of mold issues. Let’s face it, schools, hospitals, food processors and other facilities have been shut down or put out of business because […]

Getting Past the Mold Fears Disrupting the Sale of Homes

Date: 02-2017

There is no doubt that until now, the very real need of getting past the mold fears of the parties to a real estate transaction has not been met in a comprehensive program. Creating that system addressing the fears is not only a business need, it is an act of kindness. There is no part […]