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Leading Sources of Pollution in Your Home That Can Affect You, Your Child or Pet

Date: 04-2017

Craft Supplies and Dark Colored Plastics and Toys Even the products labeled nontoxic can contain solvents that are dangerous when inhaled.Many glues, paints, markers and other craft supplies contain solvents that can be dangerous particularly to children.Many imported products such as jewelry kits, makeup, plastic parts that can be chewed and paints contain lead which […]

The Beauty of Nature is Found Even With This Bacterium Responsible for Many Hospital Infections

Date: 01-2017

Snapshots of Life: Portrait of a Bacterial Biofilm Credit: Scott Chimileski and Roberto Kolter, Harvard Medical School, Boston In nature, there is strength in numbers. Sometimes, those numbers also have their own unique beauty. That’s the story behind this image showing an intricate colony of millions of the single-celled bacteriumPseudomonas aeruginosa, a common culprit in […]