Category: Mold Removal

Affordable, Proactive Mold Removal on Kiawah Island

Date: 09-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we take the stress, mess, and high cost out of mold removal services on Kiawah Island. Instead, we deliver proactive treatments that address existing mold growth while preventing mold from reappearing in the future. We diagnose, contain, and remediate mold, with powerful impact every time.  We know that mold is tenacious, […]

Our Mold Removal in Mt. Pleasant

Date: 07-2020

When you want to address pervasive mold issues once and for all, you’ll want professional mold removal in Mt. Pleasant. At Green Home Solutions, we can identify, diagnose, contain, and treat all types of mold. And, we can also assist with prevention, minimizing the risks of mold returning anytime soon.  We never stop at addressing surface […]

About Our Mold Removal in Charleston

Date: 05-2020

No one should have to deal with mold on their own. At Green Home Solutions in Charleston, SC, we administer mold removal that’s fast, aggressive, and affordable, locking down mold growth right away while providing comprehensive treatment and prevention. We don’t just treat mold that’s present now. We provide long-term solutions to problems of mold, […]

How Mold Removal in Charleston Can Address Health Concerns

Date: 12-2019

While mold isn’t always visible to the human eye, there are a few ways you can spot it. You might smell a stale or musty odor, or you may even see some growth. But your body may also start to experience the symptoms of being around mold, which is a good indication that mold removal […]

Professional Mold Removal in Mt Pleasant: Saving Cost and Time in the Long-Term 

Date: 11-2019

Many people, when discovering visible mold inside their bathrooms, basements, or attics, pick up the closest mold remover and opt to treat it themselves. But with significant or recurring mold issues, this approach can cause greater headaches and higher costs. Without the intervention of professional mold removal services in Mt Pleasant, you may be helping mold […]

Charleston Mold Removal

Date: 08-2015

Mold. It’s not something that any homeowner would welcome. While it’s true that, for most people, a small amount of mold isn’t harmful, letting mold and mildew grow unchecked can lead to health problems for some people. Respiratory issues, depression, and nervous-system disorders are just a few of the health issues that can be caused […]

Mold Removal Services in Mount Pleasant

Date: 08-2015

Green Home Solutions is dedicated to riding our community of toxic molds, and it all begins with your home. As a natural, environmentally friendly service, we work hard to ensure the health and security of homes by eliminating mold, clearing impurities, and helping people sustain a healthy home environment with our exclusive organic mold removal […]