Category: Mold Inspection

Exeter Mold Inspection

Date: 08-2015

You don’t have to see signs of mold to have an infestation. Sometimes the problem manifests in more subtle ways, such as a musty odor. If you do have mold in your home, ignoring it is not the answer. Instead, call Green Home Solutions for a mold inspection. Our in-house experts and certified third-party assessors […]

Mold Inspection in Manchester

Date: 08-2015

The development of mold in one’s home can quickly turn into a serious issue. When found, removing it quickly is vital to preventing potential serious health issues for you and your family. Coughing, breathing difficulties and throat irritation are just some of the signs that your home may have a mold problem. If you think […]

Mold Inspection in Nashua

Date: 08-2015

Have you noticed a musty smell in your home or seen other signs of mold? If so, don’t let the problem continue to grow. Instead, call the Nashua mold inspection professionals at Green Home Solutions of Southern New Hampshire. Our in-house specialists and certified third-party assessors provide accurate results that help us develop a custom […]