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Choosing Mold Remediation in Harrisburg

Date: 06-2020

If you’re looking for mold remediation in Harrisburg, Green Home Solutions is here to help. With powerful, precise remediation, we can treat homes and commercial buildings in as little as 48 hours or more. We never skimp on the effectiveness of any treatment. Instead, we thoroughly identify, isolate, remediate, and prevent mold and mold growth […]

About Our Mold Remediation in Lancaster

Date: 05-2020

If you’re dealing with mold, you already know how frustrating it can be to try to manage it on your own. But professional mold remediation from experts in Lancaster, PA can make all of the difference in effectiveness, speed, and lasting impact of treatment. At Green Home Solutions, we provide remediation that’s fast and affordable while […]

Powerful Mold Remediation in ReadingĀ 

Date: 02-2020

Green Home Solutions offers a fast and high-impact resolution to issues relating to indoor mold, mildew, and fungi. With our mold remediation services, we treat mold growth while addressing the initial source of growth. We make it easy for families throughout the Reading, PA area enjoy a healthy, mold-free indoors.  When indoor mold first surfaces, […]

How Mold Removal in Lancaster Can Address Health Issues

Date: 12-2019

For many homeowners, mold isn’t just a costly nuisance to contend with. It’s also a health concern for those who live, work, and otherwise spend time within your building. At Green Home Solutions in Lancaster, we appreciate the need for fast and affordable mold removal services that get to the root of any mold problem. […]

Our Mold Removal Services in Lancaster: Your Questions Answered

Date: 06-2019

If you’ve never used mold removal services in Lancaster, PA before, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why Green Home Solutions is here to help. With mold testing and remediation services, we can help you determine how serious your mold issue is and what next steps to take. Let’s look at a few […]

Spring Thawing, Mold’s Best Friend

Date: 04-2018

Spring can be a beautiful time when the snow and freezing rain of winter finally melts away and flowers and trees awake in full, colorful bloom. But it can also be a prime time for moisture build up in your home, especially in areas particularly susceptible to moisture, like attics and basements. And, as we […]

It’s Time to Get Your Ducts in A Row

Date: 03-2018

When was the last time you thought about the ducts in your home? Or maybe you’ve never thought about them before? Spring is the perfect time to get your ducts in a row by calling Green Home Solutions! It’s true that we are known for our superior mold testing and removal services, but we do […]

What is My Home Mold Doing to Me?

Date: 03-2018

Mold is one of those words that tend to strike fear into the heart of homeowners, but the unsightly appearance and odor of mold growth in the home only scratches the surface of the dangers that it can bring to your indoor living space. More than just a nuisance, any problems with mold growth need […]

Tips for Preventing Mold in the Attic

Date: 03-2018

In most homes, the attic is a rarely visited space that is used for storage and not much else. Because you may not visit your attic for months at a time, a mold problem could have plenty of time to spread before it’s noticed. In addition to the cost of remediation, an attic mold problem […]

Flood Restoration in Lancaster County PA

Date: 01-2018

Fast and Affordable Flood Restoration – Call now for no obligation inspection. Green Home Solutions provides flood restoration services throughout Lancaster County. From initial dry out services to mold removal to final inspection. We make sure your home is safe for your family. Call today for free, no obligation in home quote.