Category: Mold

Spring Thawing, Mold’s Best Friend

Date: 04-2018

Spring can be a beautiful time when the snow and freezing rain of winter finally melts away and flowers and trees awake in full, colorful bloom. But it can also be a prime time for moisture build up in your home, especially in areas particularly susceptible to moisture, like attics and basements. And, as we […]

It’s Time to Get Your Ducts in A Row

Date: 03-2018

When was the last time you thought about the ducts in your home? Or maybe you’ve never thought about them before? Spring is the perfect time to get your ducts in a row by calling Green Home Solutions! It’s true that we are known for our superior mold testing and removal services, but we do […]

What a Glass of Ice Water Has in Common With Winter Weather and Mold

Date: 01-2017

Picture the glass of cold lemonade, filled with ice. It is sitting out on your picnic table at your 4 of July family picnic. (That is a much better mental picture than a snow shovel anyway) The outside of the glass is covered with condensation. In fact, there is so much condensation that there are […]