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Tips for Preventing Mold in the Attic

Date: 03-2018

In most homes, the attic is a rarely visited space that is used for storage and not much else. Because you may not visit your attic for months at a time, a mold problem could have plenty of time to spread before it’s noticed. In addition to the cost of remediation, an attic mold problem […]

Metro Media Writes “Mold Tips for Your Home”

Date: 12-2016

Mold plays an important role in nature. Mold breaks down dead organic matter, including fallen leaves, and speeds up the decomposition process so nutrients can return to the soil as quickly as possible. But mold inside a home can be a formidable foe, triggering allergic reactions and increasing a person’s risk of developing respiratory problems. […]

Is it Bad Mold? This is a top 10 Question and Here is an Answer

Date: 11-2016

It’s just like just about everything we can talk about. There is good and bad. And there is bad and worse. We usually talk about mold in our homes as bad, when it is very high and often it is. Actually, some people differentiate between the molds that can be bad for us and the […]