Category: Mold Inspection

Oakland Mold Inspection Services

Date: 08-2015

It isn’t uncommon for mold to stain the basement walls, but it can be a much trickier problem to identify. Mold can hide behind the walls, which means you may not even know it’s there! In order to determine the extent of your problem, you need a professional mold inspection from Green Home Solutions of […]

Alameda Mold Inspection Services

Date: 08-2015

From leaky pipes to moist A/C ducts to elevated indoor humidity, there are many potential sources of mold in your Alameda home. If you suspect that mold spores or other microbes have settled into your house, don’t delay?get in touch with Green Home Solutions today for a free mold inspection! Through one quick yet meticulous […]

The Mold Inspection Experts in San Francisco

Date: 08-2015

Mold is one of the most common problems homeowners face, and it can cause problems in even the most meticulously cleaned homes. Just a tiny amount of standing water from a leaky pipe is enough to create a significant mold issue, and left untreated, mold can become a serious threat. If you notice a damp, […]